Raul Aguilar


I began showing my art at annual Dia de los Muertos festivals about 20 years ago. This Mexican holiday encourages remembrance, and reminds us that dying is a part of living. For these celebrations I would create elaborate altars for the deceased using art objects, figurines and paintings of my own creation.

This portfolio showcases my figurines, shadowboxes and other small work. I work with many different themes and media. I use acrylic, casting stone, yesso, paper mache, gold leaf, polymer clay and found objects. Most of my work is figurative. Recurring images in my work are angels, demons, skeletons, divas and pre-hispanic characters. I think there is a lot of humor in my work, even though it can also be seen as macabre.

I get inspired by things as diverse as comic books, folk toys, graffiti and tattoo imagery. I have concentrated my art education to independent study and experimentation. For me creating figurines and art objects is a continuing process of expressing ideas from the personal to the political. Born in Mexico City, I currently live in San Francisco. My work has been exhibited at the Oakland Museum of California, Galeria de la Raza, The Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts in several Galleries in Northern California.


  • sculpture
  • mixed media
  • painting